Whether your loved one passed away with or without a will or a trust, McNamara, Attorneys at Law will guide you through the complex probate process. Our probate paralegal has worked at our office for over twenty years and is extremely knowledgeable and experienced. She assists the attorney to guide you through identifying and assessing the decedent’s property, liquidating liabilities, determining and paying any necessary debts and taxes, and distributing assets to beneficiaries according to the decedent’s wishes. She is almost always in the office and works under the supervision of an attorney, making the process very efficient from start to finish. Working together to yield positive results, the attorney attends all of the hearings and meetings with you, while our probate paralegal takes care of the large amount of paperwork. Working with McNamara, Attorneys at Law means you will reduce your attorney fees and provide amazing service!

For your probate appointment, please be sure to bring the following:

  • List of decedent’s full name, address, date of birth, and date of death Death certificate
  • Funeral bill (paid if possible)
  • List of assets
  • Copies of deeds to real estate if available, if not, provide the address(es)
  • Recent bank statements
  • List of debts
  • Copies of recent bills/statements
  • Copies of titles to any motor vehicles
  • Original wills or trust documents, if any
  • List of names, addresses, and phone numbers of all heirs and next of kin, including all children and grandchildren, both living and deceased


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