Bob Bourne
Mr. McNamara has taken care of my mother’s legal work for several years. She was his first client over 30 years ago. He did the estate planning work for Mom, much to her satisfaction. When she was involved in a head on automobile collision, he represented her in her personal injury settlement, dealt with the insurance company and received an exceptionally good settlement. When mom passed away, Bob had the estate set up so that everything transferred directly to the heirs, outside of probate. Most importantly, Mom considered Bob McNamara a personal friend as do I. She was always able to count on McNamara, Demczyk Co., L.P.A. for whatever was needed.

Gary Sirak (Sirak Financial Services, Inc.)
McNamara, Demczyk Co., L.P.A. provides legal services to me personally and to my various companies. On behalf of several of our clients, McNamara, Demczyk Co., L.P.A., has prepared estate plans, set up businesses, and successfully negotiated and completed various business transactions. McNamara, Demczyk Co., L.P.A., also successfully handled significant complex commercial litigation for me personally. I know when I refer a client to McNamara, Demczyk Co., L.P.A., it will be handled promptly and with great care.

John Gordon, President (Ultimate JetCharters, Inc.)
McNamara, Demczyk Co., L.P.A., has successfully represented me in the acquisition and sale of businesses and has provided all our business legal work including real estate and commercial litigation. McNamara, Demczyk Co., L.P.A., has represented my family in various matters, including the preparation of our trust and estate plan. McNamara, Demczyk Co., L.P.A., has always been able to resolve our legal matters favorably and timely. I highly recommend them.

Paul Martin

If your company is in financial distress due to high levels of unsecured debt, I would strongly recommend that you contact Attorney Robert McNamara to help you evaluate the situation and design a settlement program specific to your circumstances. In more than thirty (30) years of business and involvement with several companies, I have worked with Attorney McNamara on four (4) of these types of settlement programs and all have ended with success.

Dilan Collier
On October 22, 2012, I was broad-sided. My hip was dislocated and my knee was crushed. Medical bills were $111,901.99 but doctors and hospitals discounted that to $44,576.76. Insurance policy limits were $250,000.00. I hired Atty. McNamara on December 1, 2012. He settled my case and after hospital bills and legal fees, I received some of my settlement now and the rest over the next 45 years for a total non-taxable amount to me of $437,546.27. I don’t know how he did it, but I am very happy that Mr. McNamara represented me in my personal injury case as I will receive $187,546.27 over and above policy limits.

Stan Farson (Farson & Farson CPAs)
Over the last few years we have referred several business clients to McNamara, Demczyk Co., LPA for various transactions including business formations, sales, transfers and dissolutions. They have also handled bankruptcies and settlements of various IRS claims for our clients. One recent case we sent to McNamara, Demczyk Co., LPA involving payroll taxes and penalties of slightly over $120,000 was settled with the IRS for less than $20,000 including attorney fees. In nearly 30 years of practice as a CPA that is the largest reduction I have seen in any IRS settlement. We look forward to continuing to refer clients in need of legal assistance to McNamara, Demczyk Co., LPA. We have received much positive feedback from our clients and this has been good for our firm.


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